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Your program is just that...YOURS! Most other programs make one plan for everyone, not taking into account restrictions and personal limitations.

Detailed diet plan that constantly changes based on your needs and results, including a complete progream recipe book, shopping guides, and weekly detailed menus plans.

Strategic results-centric education. Expect to not only discover how to change your body and health but also WHY it works incredibly well. 

The Custom Plan

Benefits of Coaching

A Strategic Plan & the Accountability You Need


The Accountability & Support

Immerse yourself into an online community with all of your transformation peers and the coaches themselves.

Get your questions answered. Our entire coaching team is trained to give you the help and guidance you need...and deserve! Weekly you'll personally be update your assigned coach with your results!

Weekly face-to-face Q&A calls where you will check in with your coach, discuss your successes and struggles, and tweak your program to maximize your results.

Syllabus: LEVEL 1

Week 1 Detox Menu & Introduction to Daily Juicing
Week 2 Introduction to 1-Day Fitlife Juice Fasting 
Week 3 Sugar Detox and Multiple Day Fasting 
Week 4 Juicing For Metabolic and Hormonal Resetting

Day 0-30 is a food detox program that includes 6 juice fasting days total. You'll enjoy a first look at the Fitlife food system, complete with weekly shopping lists and meal plans. The program focuses on creating consistent transformation eating habits, exploring food as medicine strategies, and transitioning into effortless juicing techniques for outstanding results.

Fitlife's 90-Day Transformation System

The Right Coaches

Our coaches have incredible passion and a personal connection to transformation. Every single Fitlife coach has been through their own profound transformation and is able to truly identify with your needs and your struggles. They have tried it all and know what works and what doesn't on a deep and personal level.

This coaching program goes beyond physical transformation. Our coaches will develop your willpower and motivation stemming from a deep understanding of your "real" reasons for change. They recognize that this is not an easy journey and will always be there to help you when you need it.


True Community

What's just as important as being connected with your coaches? Being connected with a community of people that are going through the program with you. The Fitlife motto is "we're in this together," which is why this coaching platform was created.

Within this community, you will find an incredibly powerful support net of your fellow peers, going through the same struggles with you, and enjoying the same successes.

Why Fitlife's Coaching Works

Real Results With Real Food: No Pills, Powders, or Gimmicks


Incredible Value

A trainer at your gym will cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. In Fitlife's group coaching program, you will gain access to all of the training resources and the expertise of the coaches for a fraction of that.

There's no time wasted. When you move forward with the Group Coaching program, you dive right into your transformation.

We give you the information and are completely transparent when it comes to your transformation. No gimmicks, no tricks. Only the best information on the planet with people that care about your success.


Unlimited Support

When you move forward, you will gain access to our 24/7 transformation portal (yup, it's pretty much a transformation spaceship). Log in at any time and make use of all of the training resources, check out class schedules, and post questions to our bulletin board. You can expect an immediate and complete answer from one of our Transformation Experts.

Can't make a Q&A session? No problem. The platform we use allows us to instantly upload the replay of every session, so you will always have access to past sessions.

If you have any questions, but know you can't make a session, just post it to the bulletin board and the coaches will answer it during the call!

Our Clients Love Coaching

Hear What Some of Our Graduates Have To Say


Paula's Journey


Jill's Experience


Kathleen's Journey



Having the group going with you every step of the way is huge. The accountability, encouragement, ideas, recipes, laughs, are all so essential in making this program successful. If you have tried the Alpha Reset on your own or any of the protocols on your own, now it's time for you to do it with a group and just wait until you see all that you learn about yourself!



What is FGC?

FGC stands for Group Coaching and is a monthly program that teaches comprehensive minsdet, nutrition, and lifestyle transformation. certified coaches lead weekly live classes and guide small groups of 8-10 people through a strategically designed schedule complete with juicing menus, meal plans, and supplementation lists.


What's unique about FGC?

First, this is not a weight loss program, but rather a lifestyle that can be used to lose weight healthfully, maintaining optimum nutrition while detoxifying your body and resetting your metabolism. Our methods do not require counting calories, special products or long hours in the gym. We rely on scientifically backed nutrition guidelines with whole foods and supplements that you can purchase in the grocery store or online and quality of exercise vs. quantity of exercise. Second, we focus on your mindset, the most integral part of any transformation. From the start of the program you will be coached on how to identify and correct your limiting beliefs so that you can successfully push past obstacles in all areas of your life. Third, our methods will serve you indefinitely, no matter where you are in your journey towards optimal health. The basic principles can be applied whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight or even gain muscle.


Is it only juicing for 30-days?

No. Each week is strategically planned to include solid foods, juice fasting, and ample supportive options. The longest straight-juice-fast will be 3-days. Don't worry, you'll be juicing plenty, seeing outstanding results, and most likely be pleasantly suprised by the ease with which you do so! 


Do I need a juicer?

Because your results depend on juicing vegetables, this program does require a juicer. That being said, an alternate option is to have your juices made for you. Having your juices made is generally not recommended because it can get pricey! 


Who is this program for?

Anyone who is ready to see progress and success in their body and health transformation. This program is education-centric and specifically designed to address mindset, nutrition, and fitness. No matter your dietary preferences or restrictions, the coaching program has customized menus for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, clients with hypothyroidism, and more! 


Can I complete this program at my own pace if needed?

YES! Although we prefer you keep up with the weekly schedule, you will have access to recordings of all the live calls immediately, along with all the weekly schedules and daily transformation habits.


Who is this program NOT for?

Clients interested in 1-on-1 help or those that are only looking for “quick-fix” diet plan without planning to make lasting changes.


How long is the coaching program?

On-going (Monthly). You’ll be guided through 4 weekly calls and schedules with supportive live coaching calls throughout each week. Your coaching program can be cancelled at anytime and will continue monthyl as long as you'd like. 


I have a specific illness. Will this program be custom enough for me?

YES! We’ve seen outstanding success with countless specific illnesses such as Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, IBS, and more! Inside our coaching program we’ve actually created custom menus for most of these with amazing results! Please email us for more information


When does the next program begin?

FGC level 1 launches every week on Mondays. 


How many people are accepted into each group?

Each live call group is limited to 10 clients to ensure that your question always get answered and that you have the opportunity to get comfortable in your group and even form friendships.


Ok, I’m a beginner with a lot of weight to lose. Will this program work for me?

Beginner juicing clients excel in this group coaching environment. Not only will you get thorough guidance and support for your entire 30-days, but you’ll also benefit from a close-knit community setting for motivation and FUN.


I’m an advanced juicer, will this be a waste of my time?

There’s a reason you’re interested in our coaching program. Whether it’s because you’ve not yet achieved the health or body transformation success you'd like or because want to know the WHY behind the’re in the right place. Because our coaching program is education-to-application focused, our clients are always challenged whatever degree they are willing and ready for.


Will I have to spend a lot of money on supplements?

No. We take pride in the fact that we do not push pre-packaged pills, powders, or products to our clients. You can anticipate discovering how to transform your body and health using the power of REAL FOODS and with little to no supplements. That being said, we do equip our clients with ample knowledge and direction when it comes to additional supportive natural supplements and super foods. Yes, you're about to become a juicing pro! 


Will I need a gym membership?

No, FGC’s fitness programming is designed specifically to meet all of our client’s unique needs. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of workouts for either your home, gym, or even outside! We work WITH your needs. 


What if I live outside the US? Can I still participate?

With pre-recorded weekly schedule and overview calls, plus the multiple LIVE call time slots (am and pm), time zones don’t pose a problem for our clients! We're global friendly! 


I have injuries. Can this program work for me?

Yes, rest assured that each of our coaching groups is overseen by certified personal trainers, certified exercise specialists, and certified nutrition coaches. For this reason, customization is seamlessly implemented.


I take medication. Can I still participate in this coaching program?

Yes, although we always recommend you consult with your primary care physician first, especially when on specific medications. The coaching program is focused on whole foods, natural super foods, and supplements such as magnesium, omega-3s, vit. D. For this reason contraindications are minimal-to-zero and our coaching team directly addresses these. 


Do I have to buy all organic?

No. We understand that buying organic can be expensive relative to your location and food availability. The coaching program doesn't have any requirements for food quality but rather highlights the benefits and your educated options.  


Can I do this program while traveling?

An outstanding YES! We actually encourage clients to embrace challenges such as juicing and transformation while traveling. Why? Because addressing inevitable obstacles such as busy schedules and traveling while being enrolled in this supportive coaching program promotes lasting transformation results! We say "bring on the challenges" because you'll get unbeatable guidance and direction from our expert coaches! Because all the material and calls can be accessed with internet access or even on your smart phone, transformation while on the go has never been easier. 

Do you really guarantee results?

We do, yes. We teach what actually works -- and we back it up with an unbeatable guarantee: do what we say, and if you're not healthier, fitter and happier with your body than you ever thought possible, it's free.


- Kim

- Kathleen


The sleeping better is HUGE for me. For 3 years, I could not sleep thru the night with my fibro...My sleep has improved so so much more! And I have stopped taking naps- even when I don't get to bed until after midnight and wake up at 6:45! Loving this!



OH. MY. GOSH!!!! I am 160.6 lbs! I'm 1 lb away from brand new number I haven't seen since probably 9th or 10th grade...


- Megan

- Krista


...down 12 lbs. today! Yesterday was hard but so worth it!



I successfully completed one week on my program!! I stuck to the program the entire cheats at all!!! I feel fantastic and I am confident I will make it through 3 more weeks successfully!! Week 1 weight loss total...15 pounds!!!! Thank you FitLife and Mae Desmond!!!


- Jill

Karen Scares Cancer


Angela's Mindset


Beth's Blood Results


Ready to stop restrictive dieting, inefficient fitness, and endless self sabotaging?

Welcome to your 90-day guided program for deliciously satisfying meals, effective movement, and healthy thinking for REAL RESULTS.

Start today and work with a Certified Coach to unlock your transformation!


Syllabus: LEVEL 2

Week 1 Metabolism: Introduction to Juice Cycling
Week 2 Strategy: Juicing for Long-Term Results
Week 3 Customization: Adjusting Your Juice Cycle
Week 4 Lifestyle: Practicing Customization 

Day 30-60 teaches a strategic intermittent juice fasting program that combines the power of specific juice recipes, juice fasting days, and fitness to not only amplify your results but also learn how to live a flexible transformation lifestyle. This program includes 1-3 juice fasting days each week and accelerates our client's fat loss and health-improvement results.

Syllabus: LEVEL 3

Week 1: Higher Carbohydrates & Long duration fitness
Week 2: Higher Protein & Short, HIIT fitness
Week 3: Higher Fat & Restorative fitness
Week 4: Practical application - Nutrition and fitness pairing

Day 60-90  is all about macronutrient cycling, juice fasting, and paired strategic fitness modes for hormonal resetting. This program teaches advanced techniques and customization. Week 1 is higher carbohydrate paired with longer duration fitness, week 2 is higher protein and interval training, week 3 is higher fat and focused on restorative fitness modes, and week 4 includes a combination of each of the previous weekly structures and teaches practical applications of nutrition and movement pairing.

With a Certified Transformation Coach!

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